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Why don't I see my subscription on the Centriq website?
Why don't I see my subscription on the Centriq website?
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What you may have observed on the Centriq website is that as of January 2024 we are no longer offering the former subscription plans to new users.

Centriq is moving to a pay-as-you-go model which means that if we don't already have the information related to an item in our database, there may be a fee to add it and/or a longer wait.

With a legacy Centriq subscription, you will have a significant number of content credits as well as access to premium features as they are added in the app. We are still working on updates and changes, but your subscription will be grandfathered in.

If your plan recently renewed or is about to renew, we can give you a refund and revert you to an unpaid or the new $32 plan if you'd like. You can then opt-in to pay for features later on if you run into limitations. Note that the $32 plan has content limits.

We would not be happy to have you feel that you are overpaying for Centriq, and we are very appreciative of your support up to this point, so we are offering a lot of flexibility to our valued long-time users.

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