What is Centriq Online?

Facts and information about using Centriq Online.

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Centriq Online is the fully featured "progressive web app" version of Centriq. You can access it here.

We understand that there is some prejudice against using a browser based app on a mobile device.  However, Centriq online is not just a website that shows well in a mobile browser. It is fully optimized to work like a mobile app.  

Common Misconceptions

  • I can't take a picture in a web app.
    Yes you can. Adding photos and videos from the browser version works just the same on your mobile device as it does in the mobile app. 

  • Working in a browser is clunky and slow.
    Not ours.  Its the same as the mobile app. 

  • Its difficult to find a browser app again.
    Its not.  Just add it to your home screen.  It will appear there with our logo, just like a mobile app. 

Still think the web app won't work for you?  Please read on... 

Some of the benefits include:

  • you can view your account information on a mobile device OR on a larger computer or tablet screen

  • there's no need to download an app 

  • it is updated instantly

  • if your device is not upgraded to the version needed to use the mobile app, the online version will work for you 

  • it is better optimized for use on a tablet than the mobile app - use landscape mode on iPad and other tablets

  • it has more features than Centriq mobile (see below)

Some users feel that a mobile app is more direct, faster, and easier to use.  But we would like to clarify a few points: 

  • The experience of using Centriq Online vs. Centriq Mobile is virtually unnoticeable. 

  • The mobile app version requires that you are connected to the internet, just like the browser version, so there is no benefit there.

  • If you have an issue of getting back to the web app again after you've closed it, you can always save the link to the page to your home screen.


  • Centriq Online still allows you to take live pictures and videos from your device using the device camera

  • the web app allows navigation from the top of any screen, where the mobile app does not

  • there are a few features that can only be accessed in the online version such as the Files view (an inventory of everything you have added in the app).

  • you can change your email address and access other account settings using Centriq Online

The desktop app does not include some of the more advanced features of the mobile app including: 

  • Asset age and expected life

  • Purchasing information for items

  • The ability to add or review tasks or the tasks timeline


  • Centriq Online will request and use the same permissions that are granted to the web browser that you use to open it. 

Synchronization/Synching Between Apps

  • No matter where or how you log in, if you use the same email address and password, you are accessing the exact same account and information. This means that you can access your account on a computer, on a tablet, or on your phone (in the mobile app or the web app).  

If you try Centriq Online and have feedback, questions or feature requests, please contact us at support@centriqhome.com.  We want to hear from you! 

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