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Why can't I add more items to my account?
Why can't I add more items to my account?

Upgraded user can't add more items. I'm not at my limit but the app keeps showing me a message to upgrade.

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If you run into a message telling you that you need to upgrade to add more items, you may have one in to one of a few issues:

  1. You need to upgrade your account.
    Please contact support or visit our plans page to upgrade.

  2. You already upgraded, but you have run into your limit.
    Select "Export my Inventory" from the menu to review the items in your account. You can verify which plan you have by selecting "Account Settings". You can review plan limits on our plans page. Contact support if you need more help.

  3. You ran into your limit and deleted items, but you need to reset your account to register the change.
    Close and reopen the app OR uninstall and re-install if you are sure you are not at your limit and you need to clear the upgrade message. Contact support if you continue to run into an issue.

  4. You received a shared account from someone else, and your limit needs to be adjusted.
    ​Contact support.

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