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The model number is wrong and I can't correct it
The model number is wrong and I can't correct it
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So that you understand how it works... you are unable to make the change because we already completed the processing. Once we process an item, the app doesn't allow you to change the model number because it is considered as a "match".  Of course sometimes this is incorrect and we are updating the feature to manage this better.  

The best thing to do is to delete the incorrect item from your account and add the item again as if it were new.  I realize that is inefficient if you have already added a receipt or other files, and if you have, please let me know and we will make the correction so that you don't have to redo adding the extra documents.  

If the item only has information that we added for you, there is no harm in adding something again.  


You can also wait for us to correct it for you. But please be patient!  We are processing thousands of items a day, so it could take some time to get to your item in the corrections queue.  If you can lend us some help and try one of the solutions above, we really appreciate it! 

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