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How can I help the Centriq team correct an incorrect item?
How can I help the Centriq team correct an incorrect item?
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It is helpful to us if you can provide a link to your item in the app if you see that we weren't able to find information for it.  

 It’s our standard to add as much information as we can find for any item added in the app (and to correctly identify them), so if the item is blank, missing a manual, image or other information it means that we weren't able to find anything that was an exact match to the provided model number model number.  

Depending on the situation, you can do one of the following for the fastest resolution:

  1. Solution 1:  Delete the item and re-enter it by manually typing the correct model number or by adding a new product label photo that clearly shows the model number.  This is best if the model number is incorrect and you can't change it.  

    If you already added a clear product label, go to Solution 2:

  2. Solution 2: Navigate to the end of the Manuals & Guides section, tap the Add icon,  and follow the screen instructions.  You can add a link to the product page and a note and we will use that information to correct it. We will use this information to correct it for you.

  3. Solution 3: Delete the incorrect entry and re-add the item using a photo of just the front. If you can find the image and website of it online, please first add it using the image.  While the item is processing, add the web link.  While we look to see if we can add more information for you, you can also add your own information such as the receipt, other documents, and the purchase and warranty information.

  4. Solution 4: Wait for us to correct it for you. But please be patient!  We are processing thousands of items a day, so it could take some time to get to your item in the corrections queue.  If you can lend us some help and try one of the solutions above, we really appreciate it! 

Thanks for using Centriq! 😊

Delete and Add Manually (to add a new photo select "Take a Photo" instead of "Enter Manually")

Add the link on your own:

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