Did we miss adding a manual, but you have it in your digital library?
Do you know where to find a part other than Amazon?
Do you have the link to a product page that you want to have for your item?ย 

If you have this type of content or other content that you want to add for an item in the app, you can add it. ย It will be immediately available to you, and we will review it to see if it is appropriate for other app users who own the same item. ย 

If you are using the mobile app, click the Add icon at the end of the Manuals & Guides section, and follow the steps. You can add a link to the product page and a note and we will use that information to correct it. (Please see the screen capture to see an example of how to do this)

Thanks for using Centriq! ๐Ÿ˜Š



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