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Advanced tips for adding items
Advanced tips for adding items

Manual entry, items recognized immediately, adding furniture, no image or info returned.

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There are some categories of items that we don't necessarily find content for.  You might notice, for example, that if you manually enter an item with the asset category of "ring" that the item is accepted with no image and it doesn't show you the turquoise banner across the top.  If you want to add items such as jewelry, art, or other things that you only want to add to your personal inventory complete the following: 

You can add the item then add the image yourself

  1. After selecting the Add button, select Enter Manually. 

  2. Select "It doesn't have a brand". 

  3. Add the category when prompted to enter what it is. 

  4. Choose to View Item 

  5. Add the image to the item in the section at the top where it says "Add Image". 

Add the item by image then let us know what it is

  1. After selecting the Add button, select "Take a Photo". 

  2. Snap a photo of the item or select it from your photo roll. 

  3. After adding the item, select "View Item" 

  4. Select the pencil icon and type in the category under "What is this?"
    If you type "Other" or "Personal" or "Art" or some other category that we don't find information for, that will flag the item and we will not try to process it. 

Manual Entry
You may also notice that when you manually enter some items, they are recognized immediately. That means it’s already in our database.

If this happens, and you have a model number, you can change the category to "Other" and you'll notice that the banner will change.  This means that we will not attempt to process the item and find more information for you.  

Self Assembly Furniture
Also, if you want to enter self-assembly furniture so that we send back the assembly instructions (such as IKEA or Office Depot), please note that they do have an Article ID or Model Number.  If you only enter the series name we can't identify which product it is.  If you give us the Article ID, then we can pinpoint exactly which one it is and locate it for you.

Processing Time
Note that if you are adding items using a product photo, there may be a wait in getting information back for those items.  The image has to be recognized and matched, after that our system finds the manuals and other information for the items.

Please contact us at if you need more guidance, have questions, would like to submit a feature request or if you have other feedback.

Don't forget that you can access Centriq Online to use Centriq on your laptop or desktop computer or for optimized use on tablets.

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