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How do I update my email preferences?
How do I update my email preferences?

I accidently unsubscribed from Centriq emails, how can I get back on the list?

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If you need to unsubscribe from our emails, simply click the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email, or contact support.

If you unintentionally unsubscribed and need to re-subscribe, locate an older email that we sent to you, if possible.  At the bottom there is a link to update your email preferences.  You can click that to resubscribe. If you can't locate an older email, please contact us at 

Please contact us at if you need more guidance, have questions, would like to submit a feature request or if you have other feedback.

Don't forget that you can access Centriq Online to use Centriq on your laptop or desktop computer or for optimized use on tablets.

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