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Adding Items to the App
How do I add appliances and items to Centriq?
How do I add appliances and items to Centriq?
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To add an item:
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About Adding Items to Centriq

A product label, also called a product identification label or nameplate, is the label all manufacturers must affix, by law, to convey the make, model, serial number and safety certificate of an item. Everything with an on-switch has one.

On most appliances, the product label is located inside. For example:

  • Refrigerators - typically on the inside of the main fridge area on a side wall

  • Dishwashers - on the inner edge of the door

  • Ovens/Stoves - on the inside of the door or on the broiler drawer

  • Microwave - on the inside of the door

  • Small Appliances and Small Electronics - on the bottom or side

When taking a photo of your product label, be sure to get a clear photo of the manufacturer and model number. If you can't see this information clearly in your photo, we won't be able to read it either.

Simple Steps

Adding items is a matter of taking a product label (nameplate) photo or typing in the information manually.

  1. Click the black plus button on the home screen.

  2. Select Use Product Label Photo or Type Manually.

**Note that we cannot identify items from a barcode scan, QR code, or from the serial number alone. We have to be able to fully visualize the model number in the image.

We also cannot use images that you add under the MY sections in the app. These are considered private to you for your personal use. We do not review your private content to identify your item.

Detailed Steps
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  1. Log in to your Centriq account via Centriq Online or the mobile app.

  2. Select the Address from the top of the screen. The app may open to an alternate address, but you can open the list of addresses by selecting whatever address appears at the top. 

  3. From the list of addresses, select the address where you want to add the item. 

  4. Click in one of the predefined groups OR click the black Plus icon that appears on the Home screen.
    If you select a predefined group, we also provide item suggestions in each group.  You can click one of the options or click the Add button from the Group screen. 

  5. Select Use Product Label Photo or Type Manually.
    Use Product Label Photo - Take a photo that clearly shows the manufacturer and model number of the item.
    Type Manually - Type the manufacturer and model number in the fields as prompted.

    **Note that we cannot identify items from a barcode scan, QR code, or from the serial number alone.

  6. Follow the steps on screen to complete adding the item.
    Please be aware that item recognition is not intended to be instant in Centriq. We want to send back quality results, so it may take 24 - 72 hours before all of your items are complete. 

    Once you add an item, you will see that it is "Processing". It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to return a stock photo and information for you.

    Any extended wait times are due to an overload of new users and requests for content. Please be assured that we process all items entered, or we send you a notification when we can't process them. If the item still says "Processing", we are still working on it. Nothing is broken.

    If we can't identify your item, you will receive an email with an explanation and a request for more information. Most times if you respond, we will be able to identify the item for you.

Add Items by Typing the Brand and Model

The best way to add items is to submit an image that clearly shows the exact model number (not the series, QR code, or barcode).

If the image is not available and you need to manually enter the brand and model number for items, you can click the large black plus button, select the button to "Type Manually", and type the information in the fields.

If a model is not listed when you are manually adding an item, click Finish and it will be added as a new model in our system. It does not need to already appear in the list as our process is designed to build and grow the database based on new models being entered. Our team will still find the documents, parts, and videos for it if there are any available to add in the app. We appreciate your patience while we work on your item.

Please also review our advanced tips for adding items for more information.

Please contact us at if you need more guidance, have questions, would like to submit a feature request or if you have other feedback.

Don't forget that you can access Centriq Online to use Centriq on your laptop or desktop computer or for optimized use on tablets.

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