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Pro Account: How to provide a list of trusted service providers
Pro Account: How to provide a list of trusted service providers
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When you create a Centriq Pro account, your contact information is automatically added to the Service Providers listing in any account that signs up using your link.  When you transfer a property, any service providers that you have listed in that property are transferred to your client along with the property.  

Using this feature, you can pre-populate any property with a list of your preferred service providers such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, insurance agents, maintenance and home care professionals, and so on. 

Each property has its own list of service providers which cannot be copied between properties.

If you want to create a reusable list of service providers that you can add for every property, add your service providers to a file that you then upload at the Property level of the app. You can add this as a PDF with clickable links or as text under the Notes section.

You can also contact us to copy a service providers list between properties for you.

Please contact us at if you need more guidance, have questions, would like to submit a feature request or if you have other feedback.

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