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My item was rejected (product label/nameplate), what do I do next?
My item was rejected (product label/nameplate), what do I do next?

How to resolve rejected items in Centriq. Product label/nameplate/item submission rejected.

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If you provide us with enough information, we can process just about anything.  We just need the model number.  Sometimes we need to know the year and color.  That is it!  

If your item was not identified and you don't understand why, please read on, we might be able to explain a bit more to help us help you. You will receive an email and see indicators in the app on the Group where the item is placed, as well as on the item itself:

If you know why the item was not processed and you want to remove the flag, you can choose the "Dismiss" button. This is only visible in the mobile app.

FIRST:  Photos, documents or notes you add outside of the CLARIFY feature are invisible to us. The same goes for the Item Display Name. Those are for your personal use and don’t affect processing.

Be aware that we cannot access or see any of the images that you add under "My Photos" (or in any of the "My" sections). We also cannot see what you type into the "Item Display Name" field.   Those are for your personal use, and we don't poke around. That would be an invasion of your privacy!

  • General
    We always need a model number.  Sending a picture of the front of the item or the name of the series of the item usually isn't enough for us to correctly identify it and provide information.  

    We also cannot process items based on the serial number, UPC code, bar code or a QR code.

  • Dishwashers
    Many dishwashers have multiple labels or multiple numbers that seem like a model number.  There may be a Product number displayed on the label in addition to the Model number.  Make sure that the image or model number that you submit is actually the model number.  Dishwasher model numbers usually start with a letter.

  • Garbage Disposals
    The product label on a garbage disposal is usually on the bottom or on the side.  Make sure we can see the model number in the image that you submit.  The space for taking a photo for a garbage disposal is usually hard to get to so we often get images that are too blurry.

  • Garage Door Openers
    It probably seems like the image you submitted has more than enough numbers in it for us to identify your garage door opener, but if you got a rejection we need a different label.
    Garage door openers are tricky, and we can't trace any of the "product numbers" in your image back to a specific model based on any of the numbers shown.

    The most popular manufacturer, Chamberlain/LiftMaster has a guide to help. Notice that the actual model number is usually on a more simple label which also shows the power ratings (volts, amp, and hz).

  • Coffee Makers
    The product label on coffee makers is usually on the bottom.  We get a lot of images of coffee makers that are just of the machine itself.  We need the full model.  Keurig 2.0 might be one of many specific models, and we just can't send back good information without the extra detail.  In case of Keurig, they usually start with a K and have 4 digits.

  • Cars, Motorcycles and Bikes (Boats, Trailers, other vehicles...)
    We CAN process your vehicles, but we need to know the year and color in order to give you an accurate match.  Sometimes we can match based on the VIN number, but sometimes our internet searches for just the VIN are unsuccessful.

  • Everything Else
    We just need model numbers!  

    If you can't read it in your image, we won't be able to see it either.  

    We can't identify products from a picture of the front.

    We can't process most items just by having the serial, bar code, UPC code, or QR code.  

    We can't process most items from the series that it belongs to.  Many products have a series (Apple iPhone), and then the specific model (6, 7, 8).

    The model number is the key!

Please contact us at if you would like to submit a feature request or if you  need more information or help. 

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