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After updating the app, I can't find my stuff. It seems like my items are missing.
After updating the app, I can't find my stuff. It seems like my items are missing.

Can't find items. Items missing after update.

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First, be assured that the app update will not cause you to lose your previously entered information.  The content that you have previously added is stored on a secure server, so it is always safe regardless of the app version or which device you are using.  

You may not be seeing your items because of one of these common issues: 

  1. You created a new account instead of logging in to your established account. 

  2. You are looking at an alternate address. 

  3. You tapped on "My Stuff" and entered edit mode instead of scrolling up on the screen. 

Please read on to find out how to resolve each of these issues: 

  1. Make sure that you logged in using an established account.  If you were prompted to create an address when you initially accessed the new app, you must have accidentally created a new account.  If this is the case, log out, and log in again using the email address and password that you used in the previous version of the app.

  2. If you are sure that you are logged in with your established account, make sure that you are viewing the correct address/location.  This is indicated at the top of the screen, and tapping this address shows a list of any additional addresses that you have in the app.

  3. If after confirming your login and your address, you are still not finding your items, please also make sure that you are scrolling up on the screen, and that you don't see X's on the groups.  You don't need to tap the "My Stuff" label to see your things, instead you scroll up on the screen and tap on any of the groups that are displayed under the "My Stuff" label.  Your items are inside those groups.  Your start screen should look like the image in the attached screen shot.  If you do see X's on the groups, look for a check mark in the upper right corner.  Click that check mark to return to the view mode.  

    If you continue to have trouble, please contact us at  We usually respond very quickly and we are happy to help.  

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