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How do I change or delete an address?
How do I change or delete an address?

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If you move or encounter some other circumstance which requires that you change your address, yet you want to keep the items and other content, you can simply change your address in app. 

Access the Addresses page to change or correct a property address that is entered in Centriq.  

  1. Click the address at the top of the Home screen.
    The My Properties screen opens.

  2. Click the Manage Properties button.  
    The screen goes into Edit mode.

  3. Click the arrow next to the address that you want to modify.  

  4. Make any changes needed, or click the Delete button to permanently remove the address.
    Note, if you delete the address, you will delete any items or other content that you have added to that address. 

  5. Refresh or close and reopen the mobile app to see the change.
    Especially in the mobile app, it may appear that the address did not change, but if you close and reopen the app, you will see that the change has taken effect.

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