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What of my information can you see on your end?
What of my information can you see on your end?
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Our first and foremost concern is that we protect the privacy and security of our users' information. If we don't do that, we won't have a business.  So we use industry best practices to protect your data and secure your account.  Click here for our full privacy policy

That being said, privacy on the internet and in apps is a big issue.  We know it is important to people and we know that because of this, our app may not be for everyone. 

Our admins can see your email address as it is connected to your physical address and the items that you enter in the app. We don't ask for your phone number, social security, birth date or any other sensitive identifying information. If you are comfortable with online banking or even if you have a Facebook or other social media account, you can know that you are sharing far far less information with Centriq. 

Our policies, practices, and more are carefully explained in the following three articles: 

Please contact us at if you would like to submit a feature request or if you  need more information or help.  Access Centriq Online to use Centriq on your laptop or desktop computer or for optimized use on tablets.

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