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What can I add to Centriq?
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While the first things people typically add are their major appliances, quickly followed by building systems such as a furnace, water heater and air conditioner, by no means should you stop there. 

Centriq was built to help you get more out of anything with an “on switch”. So add your audio/video equipment,  other small electronics, your bike, furniture, hobby equipment, anything for which you want to receive manuals, instructions, videos, and other information.

One great benefit of adding everything, is that we also keep an eye on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) database of product safety recalls on consumer items.  We run every one of your submissions through their database to check if it’s been recalled. If it has, we’ll let you know and we’ll point you to where you can get it taken care of.

Please also review our advanced tips for adding items for more information. 

Please contact us at if you need more guidance, have questions, would like to submit a feature request or if you have other feedback.

Don't forget that you can access Centriq Online to use Centriq on your laptop or desktop computer or for optimized use on tablets.

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