How do you use/share my information?

Does your company sell my personal information?

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Please understand that we take our user's privacy seriously. Read on for an overview of how we use and share your information. Click here for our full privacy policy

Personal Identifying Information (non-Pro users)

  • Name:  Not required. You can optionally enter it as part of your profile. 

  • Address/Location: Not required. You can optionally enter it as part of your profile.

  • Zip Code: Required to create an account.

  • Email: Required to create an account.

  • Phone Number: not collected by Centriq for non-Pro users.

Your Content and Your Things
The purpose of Centriq is for you to create a personal library for your home.  As such, you might add: 

  • Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial Number, Purchase Date for Appliances, Small Electronics, Tools, Equipment, and other products or items. 

  • PDF files (electronic upload)

  • Personal Photos and Videos  (electronic upload)

  • Notes (typed in text or URLs)

  • Receipts (electronic upload)

  • Service Provider Contacts (contact information)

You will not receive SPAM or unsolicited contact from anyone due to using our app. You may opt out of any communications from Centriq. 

What Is Shared?
Manufacturers and model numbers may be tied to the zip code where they were added.  This information may be shared with manufacturers and other third parties. This information is never personally attached to any user when shared.  

Why Does Centriq Need to Share Anything?
The ability for Centriq to use information about the products that you add in the application is fundamental to our ability to deliver features and services that are the basis of the app.  Either now or in the future we may use manufacturer,  model number, purchase date, and in rare cases serial numbers to: 

  • Check the CPSC database of recalled products to provide you with product safety recall notifications. 

  • Inform repair professionals (at your request) what is in need of repair so that they can remotely diagnose problems or offer repair estimates. 

  • Inform you (at your request) when your products are at the end of their useful life and/or connect you with manufacturers who may present you with a discounted offer to replace your appliance.

  • Offer the ability for you to register your products with the original manufacturer through Centriq.

  • Offer services such as home warranties or preventative maintenance through Centriq.

Key Takeaway
Fundamentally, if we don't protect our users' privacy, we don't have a business.  However, we believe that providing users with targeted, relevant information to help them better manage their homes and the specific items in their home is of value to many people. Our job is to protect user's privacy while delivering relevant, meaningful information, whether from Centriq or one of our partners,  to help make the homeownership experience better and more efficient.

Please contact us at if you need more guidance, have questions, would like to submit a feature request or if you have other feedback.

Don't forget that you can access Centriq Online to use Centriq on your laptop or desktop computer or for optimized use on tablets.

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